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What is 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry?

by Juan Wang 26 Jul 2022 0 Comments
The production process of 925 sterling silver is an alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. It is not 100% sterling silver. However, although 925 silver is doped with other elements, it is called standard silver internationally. Most branded silver jewelry stores sell 925 sterling silver. Adding other ingredients to sterling silver is because sterling silver is too soft and easy to oxidize. 925 sterling silver has ideal hardness, brightness and luster, and oxidation resistance due to the addition of 7.5% alloys such as copper and zinc. Moreover, it can be inlaid with various gemstones, so that the sterling silver jewelry has a bright color, is not easy to oxidize and blacken, and can make exquisite styles. In addition, it can be integrated with other jewelry, making it more fashionable. In necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, etc., most of them are made of 925 silver.

Aurora Tears is made of white gold plated over 925 sterling silver in order to enhance the hardness, brightness, luster, and oxidation resistance of jewelry metal. Such 925 sterling silver jewelry is tarnish resistant and will not fade for a long time. Hypoallergenic, nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, and safe to wear on sensitive skin.

How to properly care for 925 sterling silver jewelry?
With proper care, high-quality sterling silver jewelry can last a lifetime. To minimize scratches and other damage, store silver jewelry in a separate compartment in a cloth bag or jewelry box. Avoid exposing silver jewelry to household chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, or swimming with silver jewelry in chlorinated water, as these chemicals can damage the sterling silver.

Does 925 sterling silver fade?
Yes, 925 Sterling Silver will fade when exposed to certain chemicals, high humidity. You may notice sterling silver jewelry that varies in color over time on your dresser, in your jewelry box, or even in its special pouch. Usually, as silver fades, a layer of dull color develops on its surface. This matte color is a sulfur coating that can be easily removed with a jewelry polishing cloth. For more severely faded pieces, go to the jeweler for polishing to restore the lustre of silver.
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